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Kissable Lips! Finding the Right Lip Shade

The finishing touch for your make up is your lipstick.  The right shade of lip colour will leave your lips looking luscious and kissable.  

Unfortunately, many women choose a lipstick shade that will match their wardrobe or nail polish.  It’s a common mistake, but in actuality your lipstick, like the rest of your makeup should be a colour that compliments your face, skin and even your teeth.

Before deciding what colour you should wear, you first need to decide how bold it should be.  Are you trying to draw attention to your lips and away from less flattering features?  If so, a bold look-at-me colour is the ticket.  However, if you think your eyes are your best feature, you should choose a subtle shade of lips to compliment your look without pulling attention away from your best features.

Teeth are also an important consideration when it comes to lipstick.  Drawing attention to your lips also draws attention to your teeth.  If your smile is bright and pearly white, don’t be afraid to show it off.  However, if you have dull, discoloured or damaged teeth, you may wish to choose a more neutral colour that will camouflage the look of your teeth.

Last, but certainly not least, take a look at your skin tone.  Not every colour is suitable for all skin tones!  While your friend may look like a diva in ruby red, the same colour may be too overpowering for you.   

Beige, peach and pretty pinks are great for fair skinned women.  Softer, neutral colours compliment the lighter skin tones.  Medium skin tones will benefit from warmer shades.  Warm earthy colours such as sand, mocha or dark peaches and warm pinks are a good choice.

If your skin is olive toned, you were born to wear red.  Many shades of red will suit you including strong berry colours, or deep chocolate-berry colours.  Dark skin can handle the darkest and deepest colours.  Deep fuschia, golden hues and blood red look great on dark faces.  

For a final touch to your lipstick, place a dab of lipgloss on your bottom lip to create the model’s pout and finish off your kissable lips!

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Use Lip Plumpers to Get Lush Lips

Isnt it usual for anyone to feel impressed by the voluptuous lips of the hot models and actresses that appear on magazine covers? In fact, most women fancy luscious lips; however, they want it naturally. Few who might even consider surgery are pulled back by the prohibitive cost of surgical treatments. Astonishingly, you can achieve similar results using lip care products such as lip plumpers.

Lip plumper is the best lip care product that protects your lips from the damages caused by environmental issues, free radicals, aging and smoking. It counter acts the deterioration of collagen fibers in the lips and develops perfectly contoured lips. Hence, the lip care products provide results which are at par with cosmetic surgery or lip injection and that too, at lesser cost and without pain.

You might wonder how a lip plumper brings about quick and lasting effects similar to lip enhancement surgery on to your lips. However, to get spectacular results, one should choose the best product that does not have side effects. Good quality lip plumpers contain natural ingredients like bees wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E et al that boost up the health of lip tissues. These ingredients nourish and moisturize the lips from inside; remove wrinkles, fine lines, irritations and inflammations; and enhance the natural lip color.

Best lip plumpers also contain dehydrated molecules of Hyaluronic acid. These are the water holding molecules, which are naturally found in between the collagen fibers of the lips. When applied on the lips, these dehydrated molecules penetrate deep in to the tissues quickly and expand by absorbing water from the adjacent cells. This leads to the enhancement of lip volume within in an hour of application and its effect lasts for at least 6 hours.

Collagen fibers play a major role in providing contour, volume, moisture, color and pout to the lips. The production of collagen fibers is improved with the help of tri-peptide molecules present in the lip plumper. These molecules trigger the production of natural collagen fibers and Hyaluronic acid molecules and thus optimize lip health, color and volume absolutely naturally.

Rosy Maxlips comes with the comprehensive treatment solution that nourishes and strengthens your lips to make them softer and attractive for a long time. For further information on the list of natural and non-reactive lip plumpers and Lip plumper please visit http://www.rosymaxlips.com/

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Cushy Lips: How to Have Attractive Looking Lips

Get attractive lips. Is it possible? Then the answer to it is yes. Why go for painful treatment when you can find the remedy within the comfort of your home. All you out there who wish to have plump, sexy lips, here it is at affordable prices. You don’t have to go to the doctor and get painful treatments done on your lips. This product can be carried in your bags, just as you always carry lipsticks and other cosmetics in your bag. You will be able to sport that perfect pout and get the opposite sex to notice you. It stays for a whole day long.

It helps to keep your lips well hydrated. Every woman in this planet would wish to have that perfect pout. Who all out there doesn’t like sexier looking, attractive lips. Some people go for expensive treatment. Why go for such treatment when you can have the perfect lips at home. There are many products that are available in the market. Use the best and affordable product that is currently available in the market.

Some go for cosmetic surgeries and lip augmenting procedures and injections that help to augment your lips. This is very expensive and cannot be afforded by many.

None of these painful techniques are needed. User friendly, easy products are now available in the market. There are also herbal, natural products that can have no side effects are also available in the stores near you. You can also avail these herbal health products by online.

There are a all of you women out there who crave to have attractive looking lips. Camphor present in this help to bring an increase in the flow of blood in the lip region. Your lip volume would increase, making lips to become redder and plump. Absolute increase of the volume of your lips is seen within a period of a few months. Use the ideal product that can have a great change in you.

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Taking Care Of Your Lips With Mineral Lipstick

If there is one thing that is to die for in a woman, its her lush lips that are colored to perfection. You have probably seen Angelina Jolies sexy lips, Drew Barrymore with her sweet lips and Jessica Alba with her exotic lips. Wouldnt you like to have lips like that too? Well, most men would swoon over lips like that, and on the other hand, women would die of envy. However, everyone has different facial features, and you cannot probably have the same lips with these celebrities if you are not at all related to them by blood!

How then, can you have lips that are to die for? The secret is actually simple, its about using the right product for your lips, coupled with the proper care. You have to go on a proper diet, and ditch the caffeine and cigarettes. Keep your lips moisturized all the time, by applying gloss or anything that will keep it from getting dry. Also, its a good thing to apply Vaseline to your lips before you go to bed. Not only will this keep your lips smooth but it will help in lightening dark lips.

Lipsticks are very important parts of a womans things. Its not of course a good idea to be wearing them all the time for its also great to show the real you when you feel like doing so. Actually, nude lips are becoming the fad nowadays, with only gloss as your lip cosmetic. However, there are times that lipsticks are really needed. There are types of make ups that really require a lipstick. For example, a Lady Gaga eye make up will often times require deep red lipstick. But how do you choose the right lipstick to use? The most recommended types of lipsticks are mineral lipsticks. A mineral lipstick is just like any other lipstick that will provide color to your lips. The difference lies in the ingredients that were used in the lipstick. Instead of the usual dyes, and fragrances that are used to manufacture lipsticks, a mineral lipstick is made of organic and natural products.

A mineral lipstick has a lot of benefits to offer to a person who uses it. Because it is one of the organic natural cosmetics, this will have a lower allergy risk, which is very safe for sensitive skin. One of the reasons why the lips get dry and dark is because you apply lipsticks that are contributory to that. To avoid those problems, it would be better if you opt for mineral lipsticks.

Though a mineral lipstick is very safe to use for any type of lips, there are still times that you get to pick up the wrong products while you are shopping at your favorite boutique. To make sure that you are getting the real mineral lipsticks, buy them from reputable sources. A good place to shop is After Glow Cosmetics.

“Dark lips”

Dark lips are a common problem for women.  It can be very unappealing and unattractive. Dermatologists call this Melasma. There are actually a lot of reasons for this.

1. Smoking – This is the most common factor affecting the lips that result to discoloration.  When you smoke the cells on your lips get affected in a negative way.  Cigarettes and Tobacco also contain nicotine and tar that are very harmful to the body. It turns your lungs dark, how much more with the ever sensitive lip? So it is very much advisable to quit smoking.  It won’t only save your lips but your lungs too.

2. Sun Exposure – The same way Sun Rays darken the skin, is the same thing with your lips.  This factor is the biggest cause for Melasma.  Extreme exposure to sunlight causes pigmentation and can darken or discolor the lips.  That’s why it is advisable to use a lip balm with SPF 15 when you are outdoors.

3. Using cheap, non-trusted, non-mild, non-reliable and b-standard brands of lip stick and balms – There are lipsticks and lip creams that contain ingredients that can darken the lips after using them for a long time.  So make sure you are using the right lip stuff or cosmetic to avoid discoloration and irritation of the lips. Natural lip balms are also a good option.

4. Lip chap/ Dry lips – Dry weather and other factors cause Dry lips.  Prolonged chapping of the lips can cause darkening.  It is advisable to use a lip moisturizer when you find your lips chapping.

5. Excessive amounts of tea and coffee – As they say “too much of something is bad enough”.  Drinking too much tea and coffee can darken and stain the lips.  Always be careful of your caffeine intake.

6. Unhealthy diet – Though not that rampant, some say that unhealthy diets can lead to lip darkening due to the lack of nutrients and vitamins for the body.  It is also advisable to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Naomi Markwick is a writer for a leading  brand Natural lip balm.

Peeling Lips

Dry and peeling lips are repulsive no matter how pleasing your personality is. Pulling the dry skin from lips straight away can cause bleeding and wounds can get infected. Very often this happen in winter season but dehydration in summer also contributes. There are two major factors that make the skin at lips more vulnerable to weather conditions.

The first one is the structure of lip skin which is four times thinner than the skin covering rest of the body and the other is the absence of oil making glands in the lips. Because of these natural handicaps lips can not recover the lost moisture due to dry winters or when exposed to summer heat. Moisture loss is the major factor behind peeling lips condition.

Preventive Tips
In a great number of cases, peeling lips can not be healed easily and the skin loss happens in a repetitive manner. Prevention is the most excellent way to help lips retain their original shape. Keeping the body well hydrated controls moisture loss and lips do not suffer dryness. As discussed above, seasonal variations affect the lips very easily and so they need protection against weather extremities. In winters alcohol free lip balms keep them well moisturized and for sunny weather sunscreens balms can help. Beauty products do have allergic reactions on skin and ladies should be careful with their selection. Some medicines can also dry the skin and self medication should be avoided. Balanced diet not only bolsters body health in general but has positive effects on skin as well.

Home remedies have worked better to heal peeling lips than the usual medicine. Natural oils like Olive oil, Aloe Vera oil, and unsalted butter are commonly used for an instant relief to dry lips. Vitamin E gel and petroleum jelly also serves the same purpose. For chronic and recurring cracking of the lips there is nothing like natural medicine that provides overnight relief.

If you want to get rid of angular cheilitis naturally, visit my website here Peeling Lips

Nourish Your Lips with Lip Plumper

Looking beautiful and attractive is what every woman loves. To look the most gorgeous of all, most ladies would even bear the pain of surgery (by undergoing various cosmetic surgeries). Since lips hold a coveted place in the overall beauty and appeal of a woman, they deserve special care and attention too. With various advanced lip care products inundating the shelves of the cosmetic stores, it becomes sometimes a real challenge to choose the best from the good. However, choosing the right lip care product requires one to have good knowledge about the ingredients to look for. Products like lip plumpers need a special mention here.

Perfectly combining Nature and science, the lip fusion plumper is a revolutionary product that would make your lips fuller, lush, and voluptuous than ever. The natural ingredients contained in the lip plumper include:

Cacao Butter

Excellent for chapped and dry lips, cacao butter soothes irritations and makes your lips soft and supple.

Bees Wax

Bees wax is known for its protecting qualities. It is also known to soothe irritation and make the skin softer and suppler.

Shea Butter

Possessing amazing anti inflammatory qualities, shea butter stimulates the healing process in injured tissue. Shea butter is excellent for dry skin and fills the wrinkles and small furrows.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been proved to be a boon for dry skin for over 5000 years. It nourishes, protects and saves your skin from any kind of inflammation.


Glycerine has been used for over 200 years. The softening qualities of glycerine help preserve the moistness and humidity of skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is antioxidant and anti ageing. It protects your skin against UV and stimulates blood flow and enhances skin density.

While these natural ingredients nourish your lips, the presence of the dehydrated hyaluronic filling microspheres gives an instant plumping effect to your lips. Application of lip plumper causes the lips to swell softly and attain the desired fullness and alluring contour. The effect stays there for at least six hours. The tripeptides present in the lip fusion plumper ensure that the improvement of lip hydration, volume, color, contour and fullness lasts longer. Regular use of the lip fusion plumper for at least 30 days is recommended for best results.

Rosy Maxlips comes with the comprehensive treatment solution that nourishes and strengthens your lips to make them softer and attractive for a long time. For further information on the list of natural and non-reactive lip care products and lip plumper please visit http://www.rosymaxlips.com/

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Want to Sport Those Perfect Lips?

Have you ever felt like to have those sexy, plump lips that are the assets of so many celebrities? It is my advice that you not go in for those expensive cosmetic surgeries and collagen injection treatments that are so painful as well as risky. It is not a safe method. These treatments are not good and can be not within your budget.

Those collagen injections have to be taken again once in a while. It is an absolute no as they are so very painful. Men will start noticing you because you look more attractive and confident after using these lip plumping techniques. There are natural and herbal ways through which you can sport those sexy, plump lips. It is a safe as well as an effective method. It is to be used at least twice a day. Increasing your confidence level is made possible with that perfect smile that you give away to others. It will in turn help you to smile more and more.

Lip gloss also can increase your looks making you more attractive. As you get older your lips start to age. Cushy, sexy lips are liked by all. Need fuller lips? Then go for lip plumper as it can be done within the comforts of your home. It is also less expensive and within your budget. Gloss makes you look attractive and there is no pain when you apply it. It also has no side effects.

Surgery might not always end up being successful. So use an effective lip plumper with the advice of others who have used the products and have got success from it.

Sport that sexy smile and be a fashion statement. So folks the very best to you all in using the ideal lip plumper. It would in turn make you happy and lively. So friends sport that perfect smile.

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